Team ONYX specializes in interior designs and delivers visually stunning spaces that are also efficient and functional.

Free design consultation at ONYX

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    At ONYX Countertops We are offering a FREE 30min Consultation with our Design Team in our Kamloops Showroom. Our Team of experienced consultants are ready to share their expertise to help you create your dream Space.
    From Kitchen’s to Bathrooms, outdoor areas or larger Projects. Our Design Team are here to help you select all your finishes.

    Our Team keep up to date with all the recent trends and technologies in design. They have experience across various aesthetics whether it be industrial, Hamptons or Modern Contemporary – we will work with you to select all the fine details that shape the design of your home.

    Every scheme element is developed, updated, evaluated and submitted for discussion and for customer approval. Comprehensive working drawings are completed for the designated consultants and workers, and the Customer is accompanied to showrooms and suppliers, if necessary.
    This stage requires a great deal of design time and experience, which leads to creative and technical details of the project.

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    Design Services

    ● Overall Design Schemes for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial Spaces● Kitchen Joinery Design and colour schematics● Bathroom Design and Layout● Outdoor BBQ Design● Stone Consultant

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  • What factors are included in the price of stone fabrication?

    The factors that determine the price of stone fabrication include the type of stone, slab sizes, its thickness, the edge profile design, sink type, and its application.

  • I’ve heard the term ‘vein match’, what does this refer to?

    Vein match stone slabs refers to when the veining of two or more slabs are matched, from consecutive cuts in the stone block. The adjoining surfaces mirror each other. This is like when you place your two palms side by side, the lines on each palm mirror each other with ever so slight variations.

  • What is the difference between engineered stone and natural stone? Which is better?

    Engineered stone slabs (or manmade stone) is only suitable for indoor applications, contrary to common misconception. Manmade stone can scratch, chip and stain. Engineered stone is not suitable for floors with under floor heating, whereas natural stone is suitable. Engineered stone is available in a wide spectrum of colours and the colour is consistent across the surface.

    Natural stone can be used in any application, indoors or outdoors. Each piece is unique. Its style is timeless, with wide appeal. Natural stone can be repaired or rejuvenated if damaged. Only your application will determine which the better suited material is.

  • Can you tell me how many stone slabs I will need to buy for my project?

    Yes. Email your plans or sketches to our helpful staff [ac.spotretnuocxyno%40ofni] and we will be happy to help you determine the number of slabs.

  • I’ve heard you should seal natural stone – what do you think?

    Yes, we recommend that all natural stone be sealed with a stone sealer. This will help your stone look good for many years and protect your natural work of art from any accidental spills or messes.
    All stone slabs purchased through us are sealed before installation.

  • Do I need to provide my own kitchen sinks and vanity sinks?

    We provide wide variety of kitchen sinks and washroom vanity sinks. Check out our sink products at the showroom, the benefit of buying sinks from us is that we already have digital templates prepared for our sinks and can quickly be used with our CNC machines to make an accurate sink cutouts on countertops. You can also drop sinks at our shop prior to fabrication, if you have already bought the sinks from somewhere else.




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